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Our Vision

We are a corporate health organization providing onsite clinical solutions for employer groups, health plans and case management organizations. Simply put, we provide a results-driven solution to every employee and the ever-rising costs of healthcare. By providing an unrivaled experience for organizations nationwide, it is our goal to provide valuable biometric results and education to employees everywhere. This is accomplished through Axum’s testing services and solution offerings that will ensure every participant the benefits of wellness.

Experience the Axum Difference and capture the wellbeing of your company!

Why Corporate Wellness

Remember how frustrated you were when your company's insurance premium rose last year and you couldn't figure out why? And how it was cheaper to have more employees a few years back than it is today? Employee healthcare costs are going to continue to rise, but with our professional insight and cutting edge curriculum, we offer a step-by-step approach to health in the workplace that not only lowers company costs, but also gives a return on investment that you never would have thought possible.

$3.27 Healthcare ROI Premium for every $1 spent on corporate wellness
8x More likely to be engaged when wellness is a priority in the workplace
$2.73 Abenteeism ROI for every $1 spent on corporate wellness
30% Average cuts for each participant on corporate wellness

Our Method

We value relationships. We also love results. Our methodology has produced happy customers around the nation. Our integrated biometric screening helps improve employee’s health keeping them healthy and productive. Happy employees make a healthy bottom line as well.

Biometric Screening

We perform over 7 unique screenings to effectively stratify the “risk” a potential employee may have.

Assessing Risks

A handful of employee’s can throw off premiums for an entire company. We will discover what that is and why it’s happening.

Integrate Solutions

We provide group based solutions within their category in a year-round wellness program reducing costs & issues.

"Wellness providers are few and far between, but Axum is the real definition of wellness. They bring knowledge, experience, innovation and a willingness that no other provider can compete with. Axum integrates beautifully with any culture and they adapt to any situation. Their customer service to our business and employees is impeccable. Axum will be your biggest advocate and they will make any wellness plan reach its highest potential and beyond. Thank you, Axum! We couldn’t do what we do without you!"

Annessa Wilkin
Benefits Manager / Ken Garff

We Are Building... Join Us

Are you ready for the corporate experience of a lifetime? Don't only change your employees’ lives, change their entire outlook of their personal health and wellbeing. Healthier, happier employees mean lower costs and higher profits for everyone. Join us on this incredible adventure towards health and wellness inside the workplace.